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Hi, I'm Stefi.

i'm a writer, a chronic smiler, and a hugger. i love adventure and being SARCASTIC. and i cannot, for the life of me, lie. i have the worst tell you will ever see. no wonder i suck at poker. that is if i knew how to play poker, which is still on my to-do list (of which i have many). i've never met a checkbox i didn't like. and as much as i like social media (and despite my 12+ years as a promo writer), some things just can't be expressed in 140 characters or less. i write a blog about this (and many other unsolicited life commentaries) called contemplation station. link above. i apparently like to have a lot of "ers" in my life - see producER, bloggER, weavER. i sometimes use #hashtags just to be #ironic.  follow me on twitter. friend me on facebook. follow my instagram feed. join me on linkedin. but let's never meet in person, that would be too weird....


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